Popular Paleo Goes Autoimmune Paleo

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For those who have been around the Paleo-sphere for a while now, you’ve likely heard the term “autoimmune paleo” or “AIP” floating around.  This is a precise way of eating which eliminates all inflammatory foods. So in addition to omitting grains, dairy, legumes, soy and refined sugars with the standard Paleo diet, AIP also omits […]

Make the Perfect Cup of Matcha

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A couple months ago I started to question whether or not drinking coffee everyday was a good idea. Part of practicing Paleo is regularly assessing whether or not what’s currently on the menu is really helping you achieve your best health for the present circumstances. For me, I was becoming far too dependent on caffeine […]

Cowboy Chicken Skillet

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It’s about time I do another creamy skillet/casserole style dish. Skillet Chicken Divan has been a favorite of many, and now I hope that this recipe will get bookmarked right alongside it. I whipped this up with a few leftover veggies from my week’s shopping trip, so the quantities are fairly small, yet it feeds […]

Grilled New York Strip Steak with Garlic Compound Butter

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  Compound butter will be your best kept secret to fantastic grilled steaks! As the butter melts, the garlic, salt, pepper and chosen herbs will be gently dispersed over the crusted beef. It’s glorious. And if you’re strict dairy free, ghee is a welcome alternative. Compound Butter To make compound butter, all that is required […]