Cookie Dough Fudge

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How convenient that on day 29 of my Whole30, the new book Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind by Vanessa Barajas, shows up on my doorstep. Even before Whole30 I was never a dessert girl... You're more likely to tempt me with a pint of Guinness and really great poutine than a cupcake any day of the … [Read more...]

Blended Iced Butter Coffee

Learn how to make Iced Butter Coffee | #paleo #buttercoffee

Ready to take your butter coffee iced? Here's a recipe to make the magic happen. So the trick is obviously getting the fats to blend smoothly into the drink. If we were to blend the ingredients straight up, then surely the Coffee++ would react to the cold, clump together, and just be straight up … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Paleo Eats by Kelly Bejelly

I have the privilege of sharing a recipe from Paleo Eats BEFORE it releases this January! Paleo Eats is the upcoming cookbook from Kelly of A Girl Worth Saving and, personally, I can't wait to get this one.  Kelly was my first Paleo food crush when I started down this path a couple years ago. … [Read more...]

Triple Chocolate Strawberry Flatbread

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About once or twice a year I make a dessert for the blog--and here it is! Triple Chocolate Strawberry Flatbread. And it happened by accident. I wanted to see what would happen if I dropped some cashews and a plantain in the food processor. I was hoping for masa, I got a batter of sorts. What's a … [Read more...]