Paleo To Go is Legit!

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I’ve just wrapped up reading the latest eBook by Paleo Parents and I cannot rave about this one enough! Paleo To Go is legit! This eBook addresses one of the major issues we have to tackle when transitioning to Paleo: how the heck to do we eat when we’re on the go? It’s a big […]

20 Ways You Know You’re Paleo

20 Ways You Know You're Paleo |

As an outsider, Paleo can look pretty strange. When I first scoped it out I literally laughed out loud — no way would you see me eating leftover fish and some sautéed greens for breakfast. And yes, I was among those who reaffirmed the love of all things pasta and cheese and vowed never to part […]

9 Weekly Staples For My Paleo Family

9 Weekly Staples for my Paleo Family

For kicks, I thought I would share with you guys the foods we seem to rely on from week to week. Since we all have different needs (medical, allergies, preferences, tolerances, activity levels, etc.), I’m betting this list looks different from household to household, but in general there are some centerpieces that seem to get […]

Grilled New York Strip Steak with Garlic Compound Butter

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  Compound butter will be your best kept secret to fantastic grilled steaks! As the butter melts, the garlic, salt, pepper and chosen herbs will be gently dispersed over the crusted beef. It’s glorious. And if you’re strict dairy free, ghee is a welcome alternative. Compound Butter To make compound butter, all that is required […]