Celebrate The Frugal Paleo Cookbook: It’s Giveaway Time!

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It’s almost time for The Frugal Paleo Cookbook to hit shelves everywhere! Naturally I’m stoked to have my first full-print cookbook launch, but more so I can’t wait to show everyone how to do this Paleo thing without spending more than they’re comfortable with on groceries. It’s entirely possible to manage a Paleo lifestyle on any budget! Pre-order […]

My 5th Grader’s Gluten-Free Lunch

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Since learning that my daughter’s hypothyroid went autoimmune (Hashimoto’s), we are having to make some more strategic adjustments to her diet. I’m half way through a project which will help guide families through responding to an autoimmune diagnosis in your kiddo (or even yourself!), since Hashimoto’s or Grave’s is a different animal from just having […]

Get Paleo To Go for Free!

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Paleo To Go is helping people stay healthy while away from their home kitchens. From recipes that hold and travel well to Paleo Parents Approved pre-made snacks and treats, this eBook is a hit! Want to win a copy for FREE!? I’m giving one away to someone this week! Enter today and the winner will be […]

Paleo To Go is Legit!

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I’ve just wrapped up reading the latest eBook by Paleo Parents and I cannot rave about this one enough! Paleo To Go is legit! This eBook addresses one of the major issues we have to tackle when transitioning to Paleo: how the heck to do we eat when we’re on the go? It’s a big […]