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It’s giveaway time again! But before we move forward with the details, let’s get in to the holiday spirit with Buddy. Buddy the Elf makes anything festive.

Buddy the Elf - Smiling's My FavoriteOk, now that we’re all in the spirit of things, let’s talk about how awesome gift cards are. Is it just me or do you find that the older you get the more you really, REALLY like getting them for presents!? (Hoping there are a few of you nodding your heads out there)

This month I’m giving you guys a chance to win a gift card to Amazon.com for $400! That’s FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! Is it a coincidence that it just happens to be the same amount as the Vitamix from last month? Maaayyyybe.

Just think! This might be your opportunity to finally get some awesome kitchen gear that’s on the pricy side… Still have that Vitamix on the brain from last month? Get it!

Get a fancy schmancy KitchenAid stand mixer with cool attachments like:
– Pasta roller set for homemade Paleo pasta
– meat grinder and sausage stuffer to make your own at home
– slicer/shredder for quick slicing and grating
– ice cream maker!


Upgrade to a shiny new food processor with all the bells and whistles:

– shredding discs to slice and grate in seconds
– the stem to attach discs
– a case to store accessories

Heck you could even go turbo gourmet on us and pick up a sous vide. So many great things to choose from!

Then again we can always think practically. Some Paleo basics can really run up a food bill like quality gelatin, coconut oil and even some large bags of almond flour.  Win this gift card and stock up!

I’m so excited for you guys! …and maybe a little jealous. *remember Buddy… remember Buddy…

The rules are the same from last month:

1) Subscribe to Popular Paleo via email. You’ll be the FIRST to get posts, including announcements for free loot like this one! Already a subscriber? *high five!* Move to the next step.

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2) Complete the mandatory skills requirement (1+1 = ?) in the Rafflecopter sign-up widget below so I know you’re human. No monkeys allowed…unfortunately.

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3) Leave a reply to let me know what YOU have in mind for this way awesome gift card! And in Buddy’s honor, go ahead and tell me what your favorite color is while you’re at it… Mine’s green.

Buddy the Elf, What's your favorite color?

Deadline to enter is December 20, 2013! A winner will be chosen randomly through Rafflecopter. Get your entry in today! You can only enter once from my post here, but I have an insider tip for you — go visit some of my buddies and enter to win from THEIR SITES too!

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 * * * * *

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!!  

Can’t wait to see who wins this awesome prize!!



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  1. NancyC says

    I’d get lots of paleo goodies – almond flour, coconut oil/cream, ghee, etc., and some new cookbooks. And my favorite color is blue.

  2. Melissa W. says

    I would use it to buy literature and products necessary to support my new Gluten free lifestyle. Recently diagnose with Celiac. Mystic favorite color is red

  3. Suzy Erickson says

    I cannot eat gluten, grains, peanuts, pea protein, or dairy. By the time I pay the high prices for organic, non gmo, organically raised food, I haven’t had any money left over for cooking tools, equipment, or cookbooks. That gift card would sure come in handy! My favorite color is green!

  4. Jenny H. says

    I was recently laid off from my job, so I would love to win this gift card so I can buy Christmas presents for my family and friends! My favorite color is blue.

  5. Bianca says

    I’m new to paleo living so I would buy some cookbooks I’ve had my eye on and a few kitchen necessities like a cast iron skillet and dutch oven. I <3 red!

  6. Melissa Anderson says

    Accessories for my KitchenAid and possibly a new food processor? And my favorite color is brown… rich chocolaty brown. Mmmm, chocolate.

  7. Caitlyn says

    Cases and cases of coconut milk and a new grill for my husband! My favorite colors are pink and sea foam green :) Great giveaway – thanks for offering it!

  8. Peggy S says

    My favorite color is yellow (for now)… if I could have that Vitamix in yellow, that’s what I would buy. But if not, a regular Vitamix is just fine!

  9. Sheila says

    I would definitely use $400 Amazon dollars for paleo cookbooks, essential oils and some healthy cleaning products. Love your facebook page!

  10. Gretchen says

    Green! And red! (man I sound like I really love Christmas!) I would buy plenty of ingredients that are expensive to keep up with – almond and coconut flour, etc. A dehydrator and all the cookbooks I have on my amazon wishlist!

  11. Carla says

    I really want a Kitchenaid mixer with all of the cool attachments! My fave color is green too! Especially shades of sage and olive green. Merry Christmas!

  12. Karisse says

    I would honestly use half to buy kids coats for a nonprofit that supports foster kids…they’re all out of coats this year & it breaks my heart! The other half would be spent on updating a few items in my kitchen.

  13. Paula Reed says

    I would buy the newest Kitchenaid mixer – I use mine everyday. My favorite color is BLUE, for the kitchen – RED. :)

  14. CC Suggs says

    Crazy but, chicken supplies! We’re looking to start raising our own meat chickens and there sure is a lot of stuff needed to make it all work! Heck maybe I’ll even paint the coop orange (my favorite color)!

  15. breanna says

    I would buy presents for the family, paleo cookbooks for me, & put whatever is left towards paleo kitchen staples! My favorite color is a toss up between red & blue

  16. chelley says

    I would love to have a Vitamix. My favorite color depends on the season but I am partial to robin’s egg blue. :o)

  17. Kellie Wesley says

    I’d buy a Vitamix Blender! My favorite color is Cerulean Blue. Thank you for another awesome giveaway!!! Merry Christmas to all!

  18. Robyn R says

    I would love to use the gift to get all of the expensive Paleo things in bulk that my son with autism loves (and we can’t get often)! Eating real food has been very helpful in easing his mood/anxiety, etc. His favorite color is RED :-)

  19. Mary Speidel says

    I would definitely upgrade my 14 year old Cuisinart food processor and get the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid so I can make perfect Paleo pasta!

  20. Matt says

    Red! I would get a bunch of equipment for my wife and I to have at work (steamer, blender, etc) so we can make healthy lunches!

  21. Sharon Golden says

    Coconut chips, coconut oil, Enjoy Life chocolate chips…and more good for me food! My favorite color is purple.

  22. Rochelle says

    Purple! I’d love a Breville convection toaster oven, as our toaster has died and my son loves all things toasted, but the hot season here is just too hot to turn on the oven every day.

  23. Tanya Montgomery says

    I would use the gift certificate to purchase a Big Berkey Water Filer System, a new crockpot, and some other kitchen stuff. 😉

  24. Susan Egelhoff says

    My favorite color is green. I think I would get the Kitchen Aid mixer…always wanted one, but couldn’t afford…but that vitamix looked pretty awesome too!

  25. Erin S says

    I’m currently volunteering for Mothering.com’s Holiday Helper program. If I win I’ll be able to purchase more needed items for families in need.

    My favorite color is green, too! When I was little it was Pepto Bismal pink. eek!

  26. Shari says

    Not pandering but my favorite color is also green. 😉

    I think I’d go for a potpourri of things with $400 on Amazon. A Vitamix would be tempting but I would try to be practical and spend it on some Kindle books, supplements & pantry staples.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Megan says

    My favorite color is blue (all shades are wonderful)

    I’ve had my eye on a sous vide cooker for a while now, this gift card would totally make that possible!

  28. Desiree Fenniman says

    Green for sure! I would definitely use the gift card toward some paleo cookbooks including a slow cooker one. I would stock up on flours, coconut oil, etc. I make your pumpkin pie loaf alllllll the time!

  29. Faith says

    My favorite color is probably burgundy.

    I have a list of books and kitchen gadgets that this gift card would put a nice dent in :)

  30. Megan Brown says

    My favourite colour is easily purple and I would love to buy a Kitchenaid grinder/sausage stuffer attachment!

  31. Gail W. Dale says

    My favorite color is Green !!!

    I love the KitchenAid Stand Mixer. The Stainless Steel would reflect every color !!! My favorite color is Green.

    The first thing I would make would be the Paleo Pasta for my family.

    What a special blessing it would be to have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer on my kitchen Counter.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Happy Holidays !!!

  32. Michelle Bishop says

    Have the gadgets, but maybe a few upgrades. Really just need the groceries. Can anyone say almond flour,coconut oil and all that good organic produce! Favorite color: Pink!

  33. Joe says

    A new pot for sure! My stainless steel inherited ones are super shabby and I would love to upgrade that for my kitchen

  34. Angela Young says

    I would buy a Kitchenaid mixer! And while my favorite color is green, I would probably buy a red Kitchenaid.

  35. Ivy says

    Favorite color is red. I would buy the kitchen aid pasta attachment, the paderno spiralizer, and use the balance towards a VITAMIX!!

  36. Darci Belschner says

    I’d buy cookbooks and maybe a few kitchen items, as I’m currently looking to going paleo and this would be a great way for me to get a few things I don’t have in my kitchen yet!

  37. Sue H. says

    That’s a lot of cash, so I could buy lots of Christmas gifts for my family…clothing, kitchen appliances, or things I wouldn’t normally buy because of the cost. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  38. Deanna Leimbach says

    I need a “real” food processor that is larger and more heavy duty andI’d also love a spiralizer. I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably download some tunes too! My favorite color is green too!!

  39. Charly says

    I would buy last minute Christmas presents, as we are highly budgeted this year. And my fave color is blue! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Jamee says

    I would upgrade some of my kitchen appliances, buy some of the more expensive better ingredients and some of the new Paleo cookbooks that have come out. I am so excited for this give-away. Thank you for all that you do!

    My favorite color is purple.

  41. Alicia Johnson says

    Oh I would love a 14 cup food processor and I really have been wanting to purchase some of the food items in recipes that I can not find living in a small town- Thanks

  42. Allison Collins says

    I would buy a veggie spiral gadget or a vitamix. Both of these things would definitely help as we transition into a healthier lifestyle! annnd my favorite color is blue.

  43. Karen K says

    I’ll use the Amazon gift card possibly for a good food processor, but I’d also love some new pots and pans. Purple is my favorite!

  44. Diane Wearp says

    My favorite color is green and I would definitely get a Kitchen Aide! I’ve been asking for one for Christmas for 19 years! :-/

  45. Wendy says

    I’m sure I would pay for some of my books with the money. I’m a grad student now! :) or, maybe pay off a little on my credit cards, spend a night in a beach front villa, or go snow boarding! It’s hard to decide. BTW, green is my favorite color.

  46. Gini says

    I would either buy gifts for my family (my son wants a Kindle Fire or an iPad), or a Vitamix. Or maybe a really fancy dehydrator. Also, my favorite color is somewhere between turquoise and sky blue. Lol

  47. Cosima says

    Definitely a Kitchen Aide. I already have the meat grinder attachment (don’t ask why…it’s a long story). I will actually buy it in a shade of my current favorite color which is blue.

  48. Robin says

    If I won the $400, I would immediately order a new, bigger and better food processor. After going paleo 4 months ago, I found lots of new uses for my little food processor, but find it’s too small to cook big batches of food (so I can freeze extra for during the week).
    Paleo is a lot more fun when you can simplify your food preparation.

  49. Nicole says

    maybe a juicer- it is something I wouldn’t spend the money on for myself, but if it was a kind of a gift….
    or a pair of red cowboy boots, right? Who wouldn’t want a pair of those?

  50. Kim Mlyniec says

    My favorite color is pink. I would use this to help my son. He is graduating college and will be in his own apartment next year. He will need all cooking stuff.

  51. Karyn says

    I would get some treats for my mom and my friend who are going through a very rough time. I would also stock up on goodies like coconut cream and almond flour and chocolate! And maybe I would finally get to try the fermented cod liver oil (which would be great, since I’m pregnant). Thank you for this giveaway!


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