Get to Know /Pa”le*o-/

Home Page | Get to Know PaleoWelcome to the world as it was before corn fields, grain mills, industrialized dairy farms, high-fructose corn syrup, McDonald’s and Starbucks.  You have to fend for yourself. Hunt animals, gather your ruffage and prepare your food. What would you eat?  The answer to that may surprise you: LOTS of delicious food!!

It’s important to keep in mind that modern primal eaters are not attempting to re-enact history. *Note that I can’t speak for all of us, but I can say with confidence that I have not yet witnessed a man wearing a loincloth, holding a spear coming out of a CrossFit gym in recent memory. Though I would have no objection to this if it were say, Jason Statham or Bradley Cooper, but I digress… Electronic appliances are welcome, as is modern refrigeration, stainless steel cookware and a well-stocked spice cabinet. And heck, if you can make a muffin out of ground up almonds and dates, why not!? The cave has improved a bit over the years, let’s take advantage of that.

The main idea with Paleo is to give your body the fuel it needs to function at its best. This is not a crash diet. This is a lifestyle of getting rid of processed foods, confronting your dependency on hormone-laden protein and dairy, and preserving your dear sweet pancreas.  Believe me, you have no idea how good you can feel until you eliminate harmful grains and refined/processed sweeteners. It’s time to start eating the feeds that make you thrive!

While everyone knows that a typical Paleo diet consists of a fair amount of red meat, pork, poultry, fish and eggs, don’t forget that our ancestors weren’t just hunters… they were gatherers too.  And they gathered a LOT of vegetables.  Make your great-great-great-great…grandparents proud and ensure you get plenty of veggies in your daily diet.

In fact, here’s my challenge to you. Each week pick one vegetable you’ve never (or rarely) prepared and seek out a new recipe.  I’ll be candid with you; prior to Paleo I usually ate your basic salad mix and maybe some potatoes. I wasn’t much of a fan of vegetables.  I knew I needed to change that in my life, so I started playing this game. Now I enjoy eggplant, rainbow chard, parsnips and especially kale. And so do my kids! Remember, if you have little ones running around, you’re not just doing this for your health—it’s for theirs as well.

A few of the recipes that have helped me learn to love veggies (and Paleo food in general) are available here. Hungry? Wander on over and check them out. You could probably find a nice hunk of meat to pair it with too while you’re at it.

Helping people make a smooth transition to Paleo is one of my favorite things. Find some of my favorite Paleo resources currently available including 30 day transition guides (including meal plans!), sugar detoxes, weight loss via ketosis and how to adopt the autoimmune protocol. I definitely recommend reviewing these resources.

How about some free info? I jotted down the ingredients, meal and snacks that have made this lifestyle work smoothly for my family since we made our leap to Paleo. These downloads are full of practical and economical ideas — I hope they are helpful for you!

In the process of transitioning to Paleo and want to know how to convert your kitchen? Download The Kitchen Converter!

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Finding something quick on-the-go can be tricky. Want to know what I grab when I need a snack in a hurry or away from home? Download 7 Paleo Snack Saviors!