I want back on my wagon!

My gut and my energy levels are telling me what I don’t want to hear.  I often try to pretend that what I put in my mouth doesn’t matter, that “cheat days” don’t count. But today, despite feeling like I did a decent job of staying on track, clearly my body disagrees with what my mind attempted to pull off. I am forced to confront my decisions this holiday weekend. Either I step up and do what it takes to get back to feeling great or I keep drinking those delicious Starbucks egg nog lattes and munching on the non-paleo leftovers. I know this inevitably leads me back to weight gain, energy crashes and mental fogginess–is there really any question what the right choice is?  It’s time to face the music and get my diet cleaned back up. I’ve felt like crap for too long to go back now.

I’m going to start by making several of my favorite Paleo foods–the stuff that made me realize I could totally do this. I just wrapped up my grocery shopping for the week and plan to prepare as many of my favorites today and tomorrow as I can.  Soon enough my refrigerator will be stocked full of scotch eggs, peppered bacon with avocado and bell pepper slices, fresh carrot and apple juice, muffins made from the pulp of that juice, coconut cream with berries and pomegranates, spinach pesto stuffed in roasted chicken breasts with a little goat cheese, seared steak with compound butter… and if I’m lucky maybe I will be able to pull off a spinach soufflé to go with it! I’ve also got a pound of tomatillos and a jicama that needs some love… what to do, what to do?

Is it any wonder why so many people joyfully say goodbye to processed, sugar-filled and refined-carb based foods?! Let’s get primal!

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      I’m hoping to make some this afternoon! It baffles me why people pay extra for it in the store, when you can simply season the plain kind while it cooks up in a skillet. It is a delicious snack!

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