Making Penance

I was having a rough time last week and though I didn’t bag my scheduled gym days, I wasn’t giving 100%. I completely punked out on Fran Thursday.  I went way too light on the weight and used higher resistance bands for pull ups than I should have… shame on me! I took Friday and Saturday to rest and get my head straight (cause sometimes you just have to stop and hit the reset button). I got my crap together and yesterday I was in a much better place.  The sun was shining, which is rare where I live, so I decided to make the best of this opportunity, go redeem myself to myself and sweat a little bit in my backyard.

I’m short on equipment and couldn’t set up for Fran so I made some modifications, but trust me, this still sucked.

Warm up:
30 sec jump rope
30 air squats
30 sec jump rope
30 sit ups
30 sec jump rope
30 CF push ups
*breathe… that’s not too bad

25# DB clean and thruster
Decline push-ups
*solicit friends for a spare pair of shoulders

My time was only 4:58. Meh. I do not pretend to be a fitness expert! I’m not posting this to boast about my um… humble time. Instead, I want to send out into the void my thoughts about holding ourselves accountable for our mental performance just as much as our physical performance. My new revelation: be present in all things. Compromise achieves nothing and no one gets an award for half-ass participation (or at least they shouldn’t…it sends the wrong message). Whether this be in the gym when you know you’re sandbagging or in the kitchen battling a meal that feeds your emotions rather than your body or wherever you find yourself “checking out”, confront that response and bring yourself back in.  Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can… and be present.

Arthur Ashe quote

Now back to what I should probably stick to, food. After the workout, recovery looks like my Citrus Mint Salad with Honey Syrup and a big chia seed smoothie–just almond milk, a couple tablespoons of chia seeds, cinnamon, coconut sap sugar and vanilla extract.  Put it in the fridge for a couple hours to let the chias do their thing, and voila, an awesome recovery drink.

Chia Seed Recovery Drink |

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