Our morning on the pig farm.

Like many others, I use eatwild.com to find local farms that provide pastured, organic, grass-fed, free-range meat. Months ago I found a pig farm that perked my curiosity and since I finally had the opportunity to hit their store hours yesterday, I showed up at Filbert Acres Farm unannounced. And I fell in love.

Filbert Acres Farm | Popular Paleo
Despite living in Montana for several years, I am a city girl. I haven’t had the chance to be around livestock animals or farms much.  It was refreshing to get my boots dirty, walk through the grass that will soon be lunch for these piggies and see with my own eyes where my future carnitas come from. These pigs get to be pigs—running around, eating grass and dirt (which apparently they need to eat… didn’t know that before!) and sleeping and playing as they see fit.  They are spoiled with fresh pasture land (rotating from section to section to ensure steady use and regrowth), organic feed and then finished on fresh apples, pears and hazelnuts from the property itself. Can’t imagine a better situation.

Not only do they raise a small group of pigs at Filbert Acres, but they also have a CSA program (Consumer Supported Agriculture) where customers subscribe to receive weekly boxes full of fresh veggies they’ve grown. Talk about having a relationship with the people who grow your food! This beats Farmer’s Markets any day of the week.

It wasn’t just the quality and dedication that goes into raising pigs and growing veggies that made me a fan of this place, it was our experience there.  Fresh air, lots of room to run and incredibly hospitable people. From the moment we arrived, my kids quickly made friends with theirs and the four of them ran around everywhere together — petting dogs, holding and watering chickens and collecting a few of the hazelnuts that are fed to the pigs — their hallmark practice. My daughter will never forget that experience!

Running to meet the pigs | Popular Paleo Kids meet the Filbert Acres pigs | Popular Paleo
In a time where everything is so industrialized, homogenized and impersonal, we need places like Filbert Acres Farm to remind us of where real food comes from and what really matters. The quality of food we put into our body matters. The people that raise, tend to and provide this food matter.  Fresh air, pasture land and families working together matter.

Use eatwild.com to find a farm near where you live. Go make a friend and buy their products. And if you live in Western Washington, please visit filbertacresfarm.com or stop by their farm on Saturday from 8am to 2pm. Their freezers are full, ready to sell you exceptional cuts of pastured pork. They will be accepting deposits on whole and half hogs shortly as well.

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  1. Maria says

    Love your post and pics of the piggies! Makes me wish I lived closer to that farm but I will check out local farms in my area. I’m also going to check out you Whole30 challenge in October. I already have the book and doing the research (hence me finding your blog). Just making preparations to start. October looks like my time. Glad I found your blog. Thx.

  2. says

    Thank you for coming by Ciarra! It was a real pleasure to meet you (and your fun kids!) and you were very gracious in your review. We really appreciate your enthusiasm for local and quality food and we look forward to building the relationship with future exchanges of food, recipes, ideas, and life. –Jonathan

    • says

      Thanks again for your hospitality! We all had such a great time!! And by the way, I ate the brats the other night — absolutely incredible! I have that massive roast in my slow cooker right now for pulled pork. I can’t wait!!

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