The Best of Deviled Eggs

One of the highlights of attending PaleoF(x) this year was getting to eat out in Austin, Texas. Now THAT is a food town!  And the dish I couldn’t get enough of while I was there? Deviled eggs of all things.  And if I had to choose a winner, I’d say that Salty Sow has this market cornered. I could eat them by the handful (with a side of the pate and pickled onions from the charcuterie board, of course).

Now that I’m back home in the rainy Pacific Northwest, I’m missing those fantastic eggs. I got to searching the internet for fun ideas from my fellow food bloggers. Something tells me a few of you guys out there might be as crazy about Deviled Eggs as I am, so let’s dive into the best of Deviled Eggs together!

Classic Deviled Eggs use mayo, vinegar, yellow mustard, sometimes pickle juice or relish. Those items aren’t necessarily not-Paleo depending on the ingredients involved. For example, industrialized mayonnaise is a heavily processed product and uses hydrogenated oils. Whereas Paleo mayonnaise is made from organic, free-range eggs and a stable oil like light olive or avocado oils–both of which provide the healthy fat our bodies require (read Grain Brain for more information).


In general, making Deviled Eggs Paleo-friendly requires homemade mayo, which is free of harmful refined oils, industrialized eggs and other funky stuff that might be lurking in commercial products. My favorite resources for making mayonnaise is Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed 2 because she has more than 10 different flavor varieties to build on the basic recipe. Great book to have on hand!

FEELING LAZY? That might not be a bad thing.

What do you do when you’re not up for making mayo from scratch yet you still want those deviled goodies? Two options: 1) use a ripe avocado in lieu of mayo or 2) make Lazy Devils from Nom Nom Paleo’s Food For Humans. Lazy Devils are one of those things that make you say “Now, why didn’t I think of that!?” Check them out HERE. You won’t be sorry!


Confession: I’m that girl that’s constantly butchering boiled eggs when it comes time to peel off the shell. Here’s my secret to making beautiful eggs: hard baking instead of boiling. Have you heard about baking instead of boiling eggs? It really works! I tested this method out a while back after seeing something on Pinterest. Now I make beautiful Deviled Eggs every time. Read more or just bake at 325°F (190°C) for 30 minutes, run under cold water and peel.

Let’s talk recipes. Here are a handful of Deviled Egg recipes from around the web that I think look fantastic! Not all are specifically Paleo so bear in mind the mayo issue as you prepare them.

Demoned Eggs from Endless Simmer: It’s Deviled Eggs, but with crab…and bacon. I kind of need these now.

Bacon Jalapeño Deviled Eggs from PaleOMG: For those who like it hotIf you like it then you should have put a jalapeño on it…  Ok, I’m out of pop references to describe this awesome way to spice up a basic Deviled Egg. This one just makes sense and should be eaten immediately.

Deviled Eggs from Paleo Cupboard: The no frills, get it done and done well version of Paleo Deviled Eggs which also includes an avocado option in lieu of mayo.

Paleo Deviled Eggs from Paleo Effect: Break out your coconut vinegar for this one. When I read the ingredients list on this recipe I instantly got hungry… I’m sure you will too.

Garlic and Parsley Deviled Eggs from Paleo Leap: The garlic definitely hooked me, but then I saw that anchovies are used as well. This is definitely on my list to make!

Guacamole Deviled Eggs from Cooking Stoned: Avocado is used instead of mayo for a boost of healthy fats, but the party is just getting started. This recipe makes me want to put on a pot of carnitas and pour a margarita!

Guacamole Deviled Eggs from The Comfort of Cooking: Same name as above, totally different approach. This is like Taco Tuesday at Sunday Brunch.

Smoked (Salmon) Deviled Eggs from Health-Bent: There’s something about this recipe that just makes sense.  Beautiful salmon mixed into rich egg yolks brings out the Paleo-food lover in me. All hail the Omega-3’s!

Truffle Deviled Eggs from Strictly Paleo: From salmon to truffle oil, things are starting to get gourmet around here. Still, there is something so culinarily perfect about truffles and eggs. I thought this looked like a beautiful way to bring them together.

And finally, Great Deviled Eggs by Serious Eats. You might say this is the quintessential Deviled Egg recipe, as most things from Serious Eats are the definitive way to make whatever it is that’s being made.

I hope you enjoyed the round up! Please pass it along to friends and family — especially with spring holidays and summer BBQs coming up!


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    • says

      YUUUSSSSS. Can I tell you that I totally tried that method and it didn’t work at all for me? I felt so silly blowing on egg! 😀 And I’ve tried the baking soda thing (as well as the pin-prick method) and STILL couldn’t get the peels to remove cleanly. I’m seriously a lost cause when it comes to boiling eggs…

  1. Shana says

    I haven’t tried baking my eggs yet… but I do have an awesome way to cook eggs that are super easy to peel.

    Bring the eggs to room temp (make sure they’re not super fresh, maybe a week or so old), boil enough water to cover the eggs, add in a generous splash of vinegar, add the eggs gently, return to a boil (it usually doesn’t stop boiling as I’m adding eggs), boil EXACTLY 11 minutes. Remove and drain running under cold water (I use a strainer over a bowl). Then the fun part…. whack those eggs with the back of a spoon. It’s therapeutic, I promise. Whack them until the shells are crackled all over and allow to continue cooling in cold water. They peel like a dream.


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