Scared to Jump

I don’t write much about workouts because though I do workout regularly, I’m no fitness expert.  I’m a newbie to CrossFit and don’t want to come off like a poser either, throwing around acronyms and stats. I’ve done my fair share of tough workouts over the past couple years, but nothing compares to the 20 minutes of misery I voluntarily impose on myself a couple times a week through something innocently entitled the Workout of the Day.  It’s not just the physical element though that gets me; everyone knows CrossFit is hard. It’s the mental hurdles too.  I am afraid to jump on a box… apparently.


What I loved about today:

  • Learning the mechanics of a move that is difficult for me. By the time the WOD was over, I started to get the hang of how to do it the right way. I know I’ll get the hang of it soon.
  • The encouraging atmosphere. If your gym doesn’t have this, find one that does. These people are awesome!
  • I picked a challenging dumbbell weight and stayed with it despite how much it hurt. Which reminds me of my favorite new hashtag I plan on abusing: #dontbeabitch.
  • I did a warm up that would define most people’s workouts, practiced pull ups and did 100 box jumps and 100 dumbbell squat/snatch/overhead press thingys in under 16 minutes–15:59 to be exact! Hah! (See, that’s how new I am. I don’t even know what the stinkin’ moves are called!) If I accomplish nothing else today, I’d be satisfied.

What I hated:

  • Realizing that a couple pieces of wood nailed together turned me into a coward for a few minutes.
  • Being last. That sucks no matter which way you spin in.

So what does one eat after a tough workout? This girl had some leftover frittata made from the Acorn Squash with Fennel-Sausage Hash filling, yellow bell pepper slices, a few strawberries and half an avocado sliced and topped with Celtic Sea Salt and fresh lime. Oh and hot sauce. Can’t forget that! Lots of protein and healthy fats, plus a little complex carbs from the fruit and veggies–perfect!

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    • says

      They keep telling me it’s all in my mind… They’re right! I get so psyched out! I envy those that can just hop up and down without stopping for the whole set. *Someday*

  1. Michelle Long says

    I have been doing CF for going on 2 years. Still cannot do the Box Jump. In my defense I am almost 57 years old…so I am proud that I do CF and I Love it. But Box Jumps scare the crap out of me, and well, sometimes time you just have to realize you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It used to really bother me, because I am competitive, but I’ve decided to let it go, it’s just not worth the stress. I hope that one of these days I’ll surprise myself…you never know!!

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