The Best Thing A Girl Worth Saving Ever Ate

I’m going to share something a little personal with you. A Girl Worth Saving was my very first food crush when I came on the Paleo scene. Not only is her photography inspiring, but her recipes are 100% solid. I made her tapioca-based pizza crust to go with my Prosciutto-Wrapped Prawns earlier this year. I stood at the kitchen counter eating slice after slice of that pizza and was in awe of the perfect chewy-yet-crisp texture. Also, her Apple Pie Ice Cream is to die for.  This girl can cook!

A Girl Worth Saving Collage

What was the best thing you ever ate?
Even though dessert is the last thing I should be eating, my favorite recipe is a Banana Bread recipe by Sarah at “Just a drop of Simple Sunshine”.  It was the first coconut flour recipe that I ever made that wasn’t super eggy.  It’s sweet, moist and you don’t even taste the coconut flavor from the coconut flour.  It was this recipe that inspired me to start learning how to make a Paleo dessert that could pass with non-Paleo folks. 

What’s the best thing you ever made?
I have a few but right now my favorite is my Paleo Cinnamon Square Crunch Cereal. I love how simple this recipe is and, well, frankly, how it tastes.  My son loves it and I love the feedback my readers have given me on the recipe.  There is nothing that makes me happier than hearing a child who deals with food sensitivities can enjoy a favorite food again.

How did you to come find Paleo and what lead you to commit? 
I’ve been following a Primal diet for three years.  I came to the diet after being a vegetarian for nine years, which left me nutrient deficient and suffering from a lot of mental anguish.  Removing grains, legumes and sugar helped me lose 60 pounds and find balance again. I’m still working on the last couple of pounds that I’m carrying from pregnancy—my son is two. I have no more excuses, LOL.

I started my blog, A Girl Worth Saving, in November 2011 and I did so to share my experience on the Paleo diet and my journey as a new mom.

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