The Best Thing Fed & Fit Ever Ate!

One of my favorite things about this series is not only highlighting the go-to recipes of some of your favorite bloggers, but also (possibly) introducing you to bloggers with whom you may not yet be familiar.

I fell in love with Cassandra of Fed & Fit on Instagram. Both her food and her beyond adorable dog, Gus, made my IG feed better with every post. Her blog is filled with fantastic recipes, easy to follow instructions and beautiful photography — it’s everything you want from a Paleo food blog. But this girl is equal parts fitness too! Cassandra walks you through her experiences with tough fitness challenges while highlighting the Paleo menu that kept her nutrition needs on track throughout the process.  It’s a must-read for anyone looking for a good model to follow in the health-fitness-food arena. I hope you are as inspired and motivated by her as I have been.

The Best Thing Fed&Fit Ever Ate | Popular Paleo
What was the best thing you ever ate?
Best thing I ever ate? Paleo Browned Butter Snickerdoodles. Go ahead, pinch yourself. You’re not dreaming.  

I first came across the lovely Vanessa of Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind when she published a recipe for Paleo Sea Salted Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies {deep breath} using my Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe as the base for her mind-blowing flavor creation. I was flattered, hungry, and hooked.

Vanessa has an insane talent for creating the most thoughtful and craveable Paleo sweets. I can just imagine her sitting down to read a restaurant dessert menu while she confidently muses, “oh, I can totally make that Paleo.” Vanessa Paleo-izes everything from Reese’s Cheesecake to Strawberry Cobbler to Banana Bread Chocolate Truffles. Her food and recipes are beautiful, simple, and really help open your mind as to the tasty possibilities of clean/Paleo baking.

What spellbinding magic do Vanessa’s Snickerdroodles hold? First off, they’re Paleo cookies that taste like the real thing. I would’ve been happy if she’d stopped there, but no. Her recipe also calls for one whole cup of browned {grass-fed} butter. The Paleo snickerdoodle + browned butter combo knocks this cookie from childhood obsession into sophisticated, Paleo-friendly cookie lalaland.

…be still my heart.

I grew up counting down the days until snickerdoodle season, which you probably know as Christmas. When my Instagram highlighted a picture of Vanessa’s Paleo version of my favorite cookie, I almost cried.

Not being able to wait until the holidays, I gave the cookies a try {two or three or four times}. They’re incredibly easy to make and so delicious that I almost cried. Again.

Really good food makes me cry.

What’s the best thing you ever made?
The best thing I ever made? My tasting team {Austin, Gus, and other brave guests} may have differing opinions, but I felt the warmest surge of “I can actually cook!” pride when I pulled my Paleo Chicken Pot Pies out of the oven.

The biscuit-like crust was golden and flaky while the filling was creamy, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. I felt like Ina Garten …gone Giada …gone Ree Drummond …gone every person who’s ever taken a risk in the kitchen.

Up until that dish, I’d pretty much played it safe in my Paleo recipe development. I stuck to marinades, salads, sides, dips, and drinks. The gigantic one-pot meals intimidated me.

Per the recommendation of a friend, I took on the Paleo conversion of the American classic. This recipe had a few tricks to figure out: crust, gravy, and not over-cooking the chicken. I put on my favorite Patty Griffin inspired bluegrass playlist and methodically worked through each process. My patience paid off. After my first try, I landed on one of the tastiest creations to ever come out of my kitchen. My recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and fear-free.

How did you come to find Paleo and what lead you to commit?
Almost four years ago, I hit a mental and physical wall. I was at my heaviest and unhealthiest. My diets weren’t working and my joints were in pain.

I stumbled on CrossFit + yoga and found my way into a Paleo lifestyle. I cut grains, dairy, alcohol, and sweets from my diet for about one year. In that year, I went down 10 dress sizes and lost {only} 8 lbs. I built muscle, learned how to cook food that’s actually healthy, and finally felt like me.

I now follow an 80/20 rule of thumb. I eat Paleo 80% of the time and leave the other 20% to my indulgences. I control my 80% Paleo with groceries and healthy recipe selection. I also love wine, goat cheese, and traveling for food, so the 20% is easily spoken for.

I attribute my continued success to the fact that I follow a lifestyle, not a diet. Diets are temporary by nature while a lifestyle is an empowerment of informed decision making. Some weeks are better than others, but it’s never right or wrong.

I created my blog to share all I’d learned in and out of my kitchen. Healthy food can be heartwarming and delicious. Fitness can be fun and exciting. Finding your own nutritional and fitness lifestyle is a journey. I hope you find my recipes and musings helpful along the way. I’m happy to have you, eager to share more ideas, and am committed to be your innovative and encouraging partner in health and wellness.

With love and support,

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