The Best Thing Paleo Cupboard Ever Ate!

BTIEA General BannerI’m launching a new weekly feature on my blog inspired by The Food Network’s hit TV series The Best Thing I Ever Ate! Each week one of your favorite Paleo bloggers will share with you their favorite recipe from a Paleo blog or cookbook. In addition, they will let you in on a personal favorite from their own recipe archive.

I remember that when I was first looking into Paleo, some of the recipes I tried out had lost something in translation from webpage to dinner table. Many were a flop and I was discouraged to pursue the lifestyle change, despite knowing how much better I would feel. Have you been there?

Check in with us each week to get at least two recipes that you may or may not have seen before, hopefully from some up-and-coming bloggers who may be new to you as well. Take it from us, your fearless foodie leaders, these recipes are tried-and-true and will not disappoint!

Isn’t it going to be fun finding out the favorites of the people who inspire so many of us in the kitchen?! I know I’m looking forward to learning more about all of these incredible people who volunteer their time, talent and energy (often without any kind of compensation) to help us all live healthier lives.

For my debut post I had to go with one of our absolute favorite Paleo personalities. This woman rocks in the kitchen and always makes me laugh. I adore Amy from Paleo Cupboard (AND her incredible food!) and am so grateful she has agreed to share the BEST thing she ever ate–and made–with all of you!

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What was the best thing you ever ate?
The best thing I ever ate was the “Ginger Coconut Prawns” from Popular Paleo. Let me just start off by saying that I am the only one in my family that likes shrimp/prawns. If you even mention the word “shrimp” in my house everyone starts rolling their eyes and you can hear them mumbling under their breath. So needless to say I was a little nervous to make these beautiful little ginger gems, but I could tell from the recipe that they were going to be good.When I announced we were having prawns for dinner, the whole family huffed and puffed as usual. I am pretty sure they started planning a dinner mutiny in the other room (dialing for pizza perhaps?). Fast forward just a few short minutes to the dinner table, and all I could hear was mmm….wow….crunch….chomp. Not only were the Ginger Coconut Prawns easy to make, but they were full of flavor and had a great crunch to them that a lot of paleo fried dishes are lacking. This recipe was declared a keeper!

What’s the best thing you ever made?
The best thing I have ever made is my Paleo “That’s Not Cheese Pizza”. There are a lot of Paleo pizza crust recipes floating around, but the one thing missing for me was cheese. My mouth loves cheese, but my body does not. More than a few bites of cheese will equate to the “Invasion of Normandy” playing itself out in my stomach. But if it pizza doesn’t have cheese on it then I just don’t want it. So that left me with two options. Live the rest of my life without pizza, or come up with a recipe for a non-dairy cheese. And so I spent a few weeks testing every combination I could come up with. My refrigerator looked like I was a mad scientist, with a bunch of jars and labels stuffed into every inch of free space. Finally I found a recipe that that was “mozzarella-like”…could melt…and would taste good on a paleo friendly pizza crust. Now I can have my occasional pizza treat (that actually tastes like pizza), and my stomach and rest of my body still feel great afterwards. WINNER!Here’s a little bit more about Amy:

I have been following the Paleo diet for about a year now. I choose to live a Paleo lifestyle because it works great for my body, and I have seen amazing improvements in my health and overall well-being. I am married with two young girls and I work a 50+ hour a week job, so putting real foods into my body is essential to keep me going and able to do everything I need to during my busy days. Making the transition to Paleo was easy for me, but I can’t say the same for my husband. He went through some pretty bad carbohydrate withdrawls and was CRABBY….oh so crabby. At one point I threatened to shove a loaf of bread down his throat if he didn’t snap out of it! I would have done it too…but lucky for him I had removed all bread from our home. So he was saved…and he did snap out of it within a couple weeks.I started back in March of 2013 because everyone around me noticed the huge difference in my weight, energy level, skin, etc. and they started wanting to know more about what I was doing to get such great results so fast. I love to cook and come up with new recipes all the time, so a blog seemed like a great place to be able to share that information and to get the word out about Paleo and the real food movement. I have really enjoyed posting recipes and sharing information with everyone, and I look forward to meeting new people that can learn about the benefits of this lifestyle!

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    What a great idea this is! I can’t wait to see what gets posted! I have watched that show too and I always think to myself, how can I make that Paleo. Sometimes, there just is no way, but that is ok too. There are lots of yummy Paleo recipes out there. Something that I make just about every week is PaleOMG, Smoky Bacon Chili. It is so delicious and the leftovers, which there are a ton, are just as delicious. Thanks again!

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      Paleo Cupboard is one of my all time favorite bloggers and people. She is fantastic all around! So glad you found her! She will keep you well fed, for sure. Glad you like the series too — it will be a lot of fun. :-)


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