The Best Thing Paleo On A Budget Ever Ate!

As many of you know by now, I’m a stay-at-home mom of two kiddos and need to make meals that feed my semi-Paleo family. I don’t have the time to make nor the desire to fund individual meals for everyone at my dinner table. I’m guessing you can relate to where I’m coming from on this… And if you do, then you will appreciate what Paleo On A Budget has to offer.  She is not only one of my personal favorite people in the Paleo community, but her website provides a resource that so many of us need in our lives: how to do paleo and not break the bank.

In addition to the website, Paleo On A Budget the cookbook will be available in bookstores and on this December! It would not be wrong of you to pre-order this book.

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What was the best thing you ever ate?
I seriously think this is the hardest question to ask a food blogger. But if I had to narrow it down to one thing, it’d have to be Nom Nom Paleo’s Bacon & Guacamole Sammies. I know, I know they’re super simple and super easy but ridiculously yummy. It’s one of those things you don’t want to share but know you should and still don’t.

Why was it so good? It’s the balance of the guacamole and the bacon. Most times we’ll just chop bacon and add it into the guacamole — but with this method you get an even amount of both flavors so nothing gets lost. Plus they’re just cute and mini — making them perfect for pretty much anything.

What’s the best thing you ever made?
I lied … this is a harder question. It’s going to have to be Sweet Potato Rounds. They’re an older brain child of mine and wicked yummy. I like how they’re a blend of crunchy and creamy. So it’s like eating mashed sweet potato and roasted sweet potatoes at the same time. See what I mean, it’s amazing {and easy}.

Now if you asked my husband this question he’d tell you the best thing I ever made was the Paleo Comfort Meal — which is literally all of his favorite ingredients in one giant bowl. I’d highly recommend trying that one too one night when you just need a big-old-bowl of yummy.

All About Me:
This might be the hardest question out of the three — yupp it definitely is! I’m a wicked hyper, happy, caffeinated food blogger with a love of all things yummy and paleo! I’ve been paleo for a little over 2 years now and it’s literally saved my life in multiple ways. It’s cured some pretty nasty stomach issues and I can actually get a full night of sleep now!

I started Paleo On A Budget back in March of 2011, when I realized this was going to be more of a pricey life style than what I’d been previously doing and there were no resources to help me out. I figured I couldn’t be the only one out there feeling that way and decided {with the help of my oh-so-lovely husband} that there needed to be some sorta resource for us! And because of POAB I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really cool, amazing people {both other bloggers and blog readers alike}.

It’s safe to say I pretty much adore my blog. And you should absolutely stop by and say hi some time!

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