The Best Thing The Paleo Mama Ever Ate!

Time for another Best Thing I Ever Ate… Paleo Edition! coming to you today from Jackie, The Paleo Mama!

What I love about Jackie, AKA The Paleo Mama, is that she really lives this life and isn’t afraid to share the ups and downs of it with her followers. I’ve been encouraged many times by her down-to-earth posts about family life, being frugal while using quality ingredients to feed her young family and her reasons why she’ll never be 100% Paleo. In a world of Paleo police and Paleo-elitism, I find it refreshing to hear from someone with a clear perspective on sticking to your priorities without sacrificing the good things in life.

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What was the best thing you ever ate?
The best thing I ever ate would have to be Everyday Paleo’s Balsamic Mustard Chicken! I absolutely love this recipe and it’s always the one I go to if I want to impress a non-Paleo friend. I’ve also made it a few times for new mommies and brought it over to their house. My kids inhale it! It’s one of those recipes that you would never think would be so good because it’s so simple. In my opinion, simple recipes with few ingredients that don’t take away from the flavor of the meat, are the best! We like to serve this chicken over spinach or some other leafy greens and use the sauce as a dressing.

I also have another favorite, Mexican Slaw by The Functional Foodie. This is my favorite side dish. I have to include this too because it’s another simple recipe that I can throw together when I’m unprepared. It requires no cooking and even no cutting (if you keep a package of slaw mix in your fridge!). My friend introduced me to this recipe and the first time I made it, no kidding, I ate the WHOLE friggin bowl! It was literally THAT good. Do NOT skimp on the cilantro…or any of the other ingredients. They compliment each other so well!

What’s the best thing you ever made?
I think I am most proud of my Beef Stroganoff recipe! It won Fast Paleo’s Best of 2012 and it’s one of those recipes that just comforting and filling…without the guilt. It’s deeply nourishing and very versatile. You can serve it over baked sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, “zoodles” (zucchini noodles), fried eggs, cooked cauliflower rice, Asian sweet potato noodles and so much more!

How did you to come find Paleo and what lead you to commit?
I have been Paleo for almost 2 years! I was introduced to Paleo by a friend of mine who made me Paleo Parent’s Grain Free Granola. I started cooking Paleo recipes and just fell in love. I had just had my 2nd baby and also had just lost my younger sister—my best friend—to suicide. Needless to say, I was carrying a lot of extra weight and a lot of grief/stress. I immediately started losing weight and fat and have since dropped over 60lbs. Not only did Paleo change my body, but it also improved my mental health. It gave me something to focus on in the midst of my grief and it also challenged me to get out and get moving. I started my blog about 5 months after I switched my diet over to Paleo and the response I’ve had has been amazing. I think people are drawn to the fact that I’m a simple, normal mama who keeps it real. I admit my indulgences and swear I will never be 100% Paleo. Paleo is not a diet to my family…it’s who we are. My kids don’t even know what the word Paleo is…I kind of like it like that!

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    I have to agree about the paleo-police thing. For one thing, unless you truly have a GI issue some of the foods on the paleo do nots are really not that bad for you (unless eaten in excess). Especially with legumes. Then there’s the whole alcohol thing.. Anyway, in general there are quite some good foods out there on the non-paleo list with plenty of research backing them. Plus, life is too short to not enjoy a rare piece of mud pie every now and again. If everything else is in check then live a little….


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